High-Tech Tracking and Reporting


We know that tracking a distribution job is probably the most important part of the distribution process. This is why we have invested in a top-quality tracking system that allows us to monitor our staff at any time. We are also recording the route they go so we can give you detailed reports after the job is done.

By effectively tracking and monitoring the distribution of your leaflets we can ensure they were correctly distributed and the job you have paid for is correctly done. With our tracking devices and software we know the position of our distributors every second with great accuracy.

The reports you will receive look like this:

Leaflet Distribution London Tracking 1Leaflet Distribution London Tracking 2








*Please note: These are sample images. We will never share or publish your distribution reports!

With such accuracy and precision about the date/time and route of our distributors, you can be sure that you will receive the service you have paid for!

We provide the following distribution services in London:

Solo leaflet distribution London

Shared leaflet distribution London

Targeted Leaflet Distribution London

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