Shared Leaflet Distribution London


Shared Leaflet Distribution LondonIf you are searching for a cheaper solution regarding your leaflet distribution, you should consider shared distribution as an option. Combining your leaflet with other leaflets (no more than 3) the distribution becomes more cost effective for us and so for you. This drops the price of the service with a good percentage and it’s often good enough to make a lot of our customers go for shared distribution rather than solo.

There are just a few things you should keep in mind when going for a shared distribution service:

The first one is time flexibility. You should allow us a set time frame in which we will distribute your leaflets. This time frame will give us the needed time to find other advertisers interested in leaflet distribution in the same region and time span that you have chosen.

The other downside to consider is the attention your leaflet will receive. Some people don’t like to receive a lot of leaflet it their letter box and therefore will trash them all at once, without paying much attention to each one individually. Although be sure that if somebody is actually interested in the services you provide, he will pay attention to your brochure and will call you back, regardless of the number of other leaflets he received.

It’s important to state, that we will never distribute your leaflet with another one in the same category / market field. For example if you are advertising your IT services for example, we will not distribute another IT related leaflet along with yours!

Aside from the Shared leaflet distribution London, we provide the following services:

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We also advise you to check our High-tech tracking system and reporting details.