Solo Leaflet Distribution London


Solo Leaflet Distribution LondonThe solo distribution of your leaflet is the most reliable method to use when you want to reach out to your customers and grab their attention. There is a big difference when somebody checks their mailbox and finds only one leaflet or finds a handful of them.

In the first case – with the solo distribution they are sure to check this leaflet. Most people usually just skim through it and if they are interested they read it in full. This is simply the most effective way to distribute your leaflet, it provides the highest conversion rates.

In the second case, where your leaflet is distributed with other leaflets, the receiver is not likely to pay attention to all of them. What many people do when they find a couple of leaflets or more in their letter box, they skim through all of them and then just trash them. Sometimes they don’t even check all of the leaflets.

Another advantage of the solo distribution is that you can freely choose the time at which you want your leaflets to be distributed – a given date each month, given day each week or just once on a suitable date for you. It’s completely customizable! While the shared distribution services require more time flexibility, in order for us to find another advertisers interested in the same area you are.

The only disadvantage of the Solo leaflet distribution is the slightly higher price compared to shared distribution, but usually the higher conversion rate pays for the difference.

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